About Aerith

About The Cetra Collective

The Cetra Collective is about my Adventures through Second life, I Love shopping and you will see evolving styles and i keep up with the Second Life Universe. I will Credit the Styles I wear and i will list which items were group gifts giving you opportunity to snag em if needed. As i work on and eventually get better at Self Portraits (I’m horrible at the moment, ok i’m not bad but i could be better).

About Aerith Felicci

A name thought out by me and Linden Labs, during the time when last names were selectable. A time when choosing your name had to be perfect or you’ll have to face creating a brand new account in hopes that the last name you’d want is available. My name is Aerith Felicci, I chose Felicci cause it sounded Unique and i can bet not many people has this last name. according to the Second Life Census Felicci has only been seleted by 26 Users. Now that Linden Labs allowed users to create “Usernames” everyone now uses Resident for a last name.

“I love my Last name, I’ve Never Changed my Display name, I will never Change my Name as it is now”.

When it comes to Second Life I am strictly Old School, Back in the days when Second life Had no Mic Support, and no one blurred the lines of Second Life to the Real World. To this Day I stay Silent, I text and Never Speak, I believe in the old days and that no one should bring the Real World to a World where everything can be possible. Back when Imagination was all you needed to Roleplay, I HATE having to prove myself to people. If anyone ever wanted picture proof or voice proof I’d just ignore the Request.

My Rez day is 8/21/2010 Currently that’s 3 Years and counting, When i Created this Avatar all i wanted to do was become a model. I worked hard at it, becoming the best runway model in my mind, I eventually Saved up the lindens after months of working at clubs to study for a Modeling Academy, After 2 months of constant classes learning how to build a Model, how to Walk, how to pose, and what colors are right for the season.

Flickr – http://www.flickr.com/photos/aerith-felicci


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